Meet Our Lecturers

No matter if you are looking to enroll in any culinary school, F&B management course or baking class in KL & Selangor, your instructors and lecturers are definitely the most important figures. At Etasgo Academy KL, our lecturers are some of the most renowned figures in the F&B world. With award-winning chefs and experienced lecturers, we want to make sure that students are given the best training possible. Through our lecturers here in KL, students can learn and master the necessary skills and knowledge for them to excel in their respective career paths. Keeping in line of our vision to produce skilled individuals for the industry, our lecturers are as dedicated as they are skilled. By taking up our culinary course, F&B management course or baking class in KL or Selangor, you are signing for an experience like no other. At Etasgo Academy, we believe that the best can only be trained by the best. Check out our lecturer profiles below!

Chef. YK

A young and promising individual he is, Chef YK express his passion in cooking through his unique comprehension not only on Western Cuisine but also Chinese Cuisine. With his excel skills, he is determined to pass on his skills for the future chef-to-be. With his blended teaching methods of practical and theoretical, Chef YK’s classes would definitely enlighten and broaden your mind regarding F&B. Guided and won various international culinary competition, Chef YK is determined in nurturing the next big things in F&B sector. Today, F&B has always been the focal point all around the world. Hence, wherever you can, don’t miss the sharing of Chef YK on his views on food culture and F&B.

Dr. Chua Jing Lun

Process PhD in Management from UTM, Dr. Chua excel with skills in communication, presentation as well as leadership. As a person who likes to knowledge sharing, Dr. Chua will be more than willing to share his knowledge and experiences through interactions. You can gain the knowledge of F&B trends, workplace and food safety, human resource management and more through his class and hopefully it will help in your future.

Chef. Robson Chong

French has always been a holy land for every bakery or patisserie chef. With this in mind, Chef. Robson made the decision to learn pastry skills in French that equipped him with vast skills in marketing French pastry. Today, Chef. Robson is willing to pass on his skills to all his students.